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      We’ve created the first-ever social game that put game creators in the center while increasing their channel’s DISCOVERY, ENGAGEMENT, RETENTION, AND FUN for their viewers.

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      10000 mad streamers

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      Viewers get a FUN & UNIQUE interaction with your channel like never before
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      WHAT OUR
      Hey friends! Make sure to check out Madskil, I’m so excited for the future they have in store for us! ?? They are developing something that’s going to change the way you interact with your favorite streamers!
      Apr 03, 2020
      Everyone go follow @Madskil_Gaming Their new #Twitch app they are developing will revolutionize the way your viewers interact with your stream and spark new growth!
      Apr 03, 2020
      Yo, go follow @Madskil_Gaming! They have a game in the making that is coming out very soon, and you want to be one of the first ones to have been part of it before it goes viral! I will be one of the first people to try it out. Very soon, my friends.
      Apr 21, 2020
      I really recommend checking out Madskil if you want to supercharge your viewer engagements by adding some much needed and refreshing fun to your streams! Their design is really unique and I haven’t seen anything else like it in the market.
      May 07, 2020
      What a time to be alive!! I’m ecstatic to introduce @Madskil_Gaming! They’ve worked extremely hard to revolutionize the interaction between viewers and streamers in a way that’s BOTH groundbreaking and unprecedented! Enrich your Twitch experience with Madskil it’s genius!
      May 07, 2020
      So excited to be involved with Madskil! Their platform is bridging the gap between streamers and their viewers allowing for a more interactive stream for optimal growth and a premium viewing experience! With Fortnite already live and Apex Legends the next to drop, what game would you like to see next?
      May 28, 2020
      want to know more?
      What kind of game is Madskil?

      Madskil takes watching live game streams to the next level! Viewers get to play and predict what’s going to happen in the stream while competing with other viewers from the creator’s community..

      What is the goal of the game?

      In every game we’ve developed, the main goal was always to have fun and this game is no different. In Madskil the viewer engages with the stream and compete with other members of the community to become #1!

      What games do you currently support?

      Currently, we support the following titles: Fortnite, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike. However, we are constantly working to add additional games to our roster – you can stay updated by joining our Discord server!

      Which streaming platforms do you support?

      Currently, we only support Twitch. We are working hard to support more streaming platforms so we can have a more diverse roster of streamers. You can stay updated by following our social media for more information!

      Why do you need Content Creators to join?

      We see Content Creators as our partners and the unique content they broadcast as an important part of Madskils gameplay.

      How much can a Content Creator earn?

      Contact us for more information about earnings from Madskil.

      Is my chat supported on your platform?

      Yes. Your community is an integral part of your channel.

      Will the viewers be attributed to my channel?

      Yes. We are all about adding more viewers to your channel!