What Does the KKona emote Mean? Meaning and Origin Explained

Don't be KKona believe in the 'Rona. If you have ABSOLUTELY no clue what the first sentence means, then you better read the article.

The KKona emote

KKona is one of those words you hear and see in most places related to gaming but never know what exactly the meaning behind that word is. Well, worry not because we are here today to not only find out what it means but also how to use it! First of all KKona is a Twitch emote and its meaning is pretty simple. It is commonly used to depict something overly American/Redneck be that a stereotype or not.

To use the emote you must have BTTV or FrankerFaceZ installed on your browser or be a subscriber to Kona himself. A good time to use the emote would be for example when someone would say that a drink in a restaurant should be proportional to half of your own body weight and should be at least as tall as a toddler. Definitely a huge KKona moment right there.

Origin of the KKona Emote

The emote itself is based on a picture of the streamer Konas “Kona” Korner, which unfortunately is not active on the platform anymore. He is an old-time streamer back from the days of Justin.tv and although inactive is still well known on Twitch. The picture was taken back in 2010 when Kona went to the Wizard World Anaheim Comic-Con and was later used as a sub emote and as a BTTV/FrankerFaceZ emote because of its popularity.

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