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Could the PS5 Revolutionize Streaming from Consoles?

Anyone within the streaming world can easily identify the fact that PC has ruled the streaming world as the go-to device to host on that offers much more flexibility over its console rivals. Sony, on the other hand, is working hard to combat PC’s seemingly unshakeable grasp of the market, and the upcoming PS5 is the blueprint to their plan. 

According to recent updates, both Sony and Microsoft are taking PC-like approaches to their new consoles, implementing semi-custom AMD chips into their builds that mimic the same tech that AMD uses for PC CPU and GPU. This leads to multiple implications, including the fact that this makes it much easier for game developers to produce their products (since the underlying architecture is much more similar than before), the fact that the PS5 will be much faster and run more smoothly, and the fact that streaming from the PS5 will be much more smooth as well.

With the PS4, Sony introduced the “Share” button, which allowed users to store short clips, screenshots, and gave them the ability to broadcast directly from their console. With the PS5, Sony is replacing the “Share” button with a “Create” button, which once again points back to their intentions to take the console streaming experience to the next level. According to Sony’s blog, “with Create, we’re once again pioneering new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world, or just to enjoy for themselves.”

Sony isn’t the only one hopping on board the “Share” and “Create” button bandwagon. Not to be outdone, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X controller also has a similar share button, though its purpose has not been explicitly stated yet either. Needless to say, sharing and creating media from the console itself has become a big enough deal where every console is now trying to implement it, and the world of streaming from consoles looks bright with possibilities.

How could the new “Create” button build upon the sharing platform that the “Share” button created as a new baseline? How does Sony intend to streamline the streaming process from consoles even further? What are other ways they can create a smoother experience for streamers looking to share their gameplay directly from consoles with the rest of the world? 

Until Sony’s PS5 has actually launched or more updates come out, we can only speculate as to the full extent of the impact their new console will have on the streaming world, but until then, there are still multiple ways to spice up your existing stream… such as by using Madskil!

Madskil turns your stream into a game and lets viewers engage with your channel in a whole new and exciting way. What better way to wait out the updates for a new console than by trying out new things for your stream?

Happy streaming!