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How to Control Your Twitch Stream From Your Smartphone

Let me paint a picture for you: your favorite streamer is in between games and talking to you (the community). Their webcam takes up most of the screen while they talk to you, the chat is on the side, there’s a cute little gif of a dancing rabbit somewhere to the side. The queue for their game pops. Seamlessly, with little to no wasted movement from the streamer, the scene transitions from slumber-party-gather-around-and-share-stories mode to tryhard-get-serious mode as the webcam goes back to being a little box in a corner and the game once again dominates the screen. 

Stream decks allow for such smooth transitions as described above, and the whole idea behind them is to help make it as simple and easy as possible – literally with just the click of a button. The only problem is, they can also be somewhat pricey, and since they’re not absolutely imperative to the streaming experience, the vast majority of streamers have never had and probably never will have their own stream deck to play around and experiment with.

Fortunately, Streamlabs actually recently released mobile apps for both Android and iOS that essentially turn your phone into your very own tiny little box of scene-switching delights – aka a stream deck. Simply download the app on your phone, follow the simple instructions to get it hooked up, and you’re set!

Just a couple things to keep in mind when setting it up: make sure your computer is set to being a Private Network (not Public), and ensure that your Firewall settings allow for Streamlabs to connect with your computer. Once you make sure your correct settings are enabled, you should be able to easily connect your phone to your PC and start experimenting with your brand new stream deck.

With the Streamlabs app, you can easily elevate the technical aspect of your stream to the next level. Why not elevate the engagement level of your stream alongside it? With Madskil, you can turn your stream into a game where your viewers can make predictions on your gameplay and engage on a whole new level. You can also find more helpful tips on how to grow your stream by checking out our streaming academy

Happy streaming!