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Mixer is shutting down - who are the winners and losers?

After making lots of noise in the past year with the move of stars like  Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Cory “King Gothalion” Michael, and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and more, Twitch has announced today in a tweet that it is shutting down its streaming platform on July 22nd and moving all streamers to Facebook gaming.

Mixer which was launched in 2017 has never been able to challenge Twitch as a real alternative for live streaming, the move made last year with the signing of several talents was seen by many in the industry as a “hail mary” to get viewers fast however viewers stayed in most parts stayed loyal to Twitch and didn’t move together with the talents to Mixer.

It was probably during the COVID 19 period when the penny dropped for the Microsoft’s execs seeing reports like this report from Arsenal.gg and Streamelements showing how Twitch had grown 100 percent year-over-year and Facebook grew 238 percent while Mixer only managed to grow by two-tenths of a percent. 

So let us check who are the winners and losers from Micorsoft’s decision to shut down Mixer.



With no doubt the biggest winner from Mixer’s closure is Twitch. It’s not that the people at Twitch were worried about viewers moving to Mixer in big numbers however they can now sleep better at night knowing that the biggest attempt to overthrow them as the king of live streaming has failed.

Mixer threw everything they’ve got including a robust, no-delay, shiny new streaming platform plus seven-figure contracts to talents and still couldn’t scratch Twitch dominance. This adds up to other attempts from the likes of DLive and Caffeine that so far didn’t prove to be successful. All of this gives Twitch more comfort and more power in its negotiations with other talents on the platform. 

Facebook Gaming 

Up until a year ago it seemed like Facebook had zero interest in the streaming war between Twitch, Mixer and Youtube but then out of almost nowhere it started to pick up the pace and now it is the fastest growing streaming platform.

Unlike Mixer Facebook had brought smaller talents to its growing platform but those had stayed loyal and enjoyed better viewing numbers in comparison to the talents on Mixer. With the already well-established discovery and sharing features – streamers on Facebook can grow their audience faster than any other platform out there.

With the addition of Mixer’s streamers and the potential of embedded easy-to-use streaming from the new Xbox which will come out later this year, Facebook gets a strong push on its way to challenge both Youtube and Twitch on the long run. 

Ninja, Shroud and everyone else who got paid to stream on Mixer

It’s no secret that Ninja and Shroud were unhappy at Mixer, both talents which enjoyed the biggest audiences when they streamed on Twitch were slowly but surely becoming “just another streamer” on the Mixer platform pulling unimpressive numbers in comparison to what they got used to on Twitch.

Their move to Mixer was first and foremost because of the huge amount of money Microsoft had thrown at them. Everything they said about wanting a fresh start and being loyal to their fan needs was, of course, a nice way of them to say “I have a chance to make life changing money and I’m taking it”.

The closure of Mixer couldn’t come at a better timing for them as they will now be able to return to Twitch  (or maybe Youtube if they get the right offer) and reclaim their position as a top streamer. It seems like Mixer will also need to pay them their full three-year salary which some claim reach 30 million dollars for Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and 15 million dollars for Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek per year.



Well it will come as no surprise that the biggest loser from this move is well…. Mixer.

This Venture in it’s 3 year run has spent enormous amounts of money on infrastructure, employees, marketing and talent contracts, take just the deal with Ninja as an example to how ninety million dollars evaporated after just one year.

Mixer has thrown in the towel first in the streaming war between the 4 tech Giants and will now be dependent on Facebook for presence in live streaming. 

Caffeine, Dlive and any other small streaming platform

You might ask yourself why are these smaller platforms on the losers side? As they will now be able to get some “Ex-Mixer” streamers and viewers. Well to answer this imagine you are a successful streamer and ask yourself this question “having seen what happened to Mixer, why should I risk my streaming carrer with a move to a different smaller platform”.

Moreover I imagine the investors behind these money losing platforms will also be asking themself why should their platform succeed where a giant like Microsoft had failed and how much money it’s gonna cost them until they’ll decide to pull the plug as well?. 

Live stream viewers

Sadly another loss from Mixer’s closure will be all the live stream viewers. Competition is the fuel of innovation and with an opponent like Mixer out of the picture, Twitch can allow itself to invest less in product enhancements and innovation. 

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