Streamers App Setup Guide

Downloading the App

  1. Go to the Become a Partner page
  2. Complete the signup process
  3. Download our Streamers App

Installation & Login

  1. Install the App
  2. Sign in with your Twitch account and link it to Madskil
  1. You’re now ready to take your stream to the next level!

Madskil Overlays

There are a variety of awesome official Madskil overlays that you can add to your stream. We highly recommend that you add our Interactive/Dynamic Overlay so your viewers can see their pre-game predictions happen in real-time! Click on the links below to download Madskil’s official overlays.

Official Overlays

Madskil Panels

Download one of Madskil’s Panels here and add it to your channel so everyone can join your channel directly and play!

Add your unique URL from your streamers app to it in order to enable your viewers to play on your channel directly!

Official Panels

Twitch Bot Integration


Adding the following bot messages will allow your community to go directly to your Madskil channel and play.

Chat Command

Command: !madskil
Text: Madskil is a new free-to-play game for viewers. Predict what will happen to [streamer] at [Unique URL] Watch.Play.Win!

Bot Message

Add a Chat message that your stream-bot will post in the chat every 15 minutes

Text: Play Madskil now for free at [Unique URL] Something isn’t working? We’d like to know! Email us at