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How To Grow Your Twitch Channel And Stream While Gaining Viewers, Followers & Subscribers

Growing your channel is a hard thing to do, especially with all the top streamers taking the bulk of the viewership. And getting followers and subscribers is an even harder thing to do! Find out below everything you wanted to know about how to go about getting them

You’ve just gotten into Twitch streaming, and you’re thinking, “It’s so hard to get people to watch my content” well, look no further, this guide will help you climb up the Twitch ladder. This guide covers everything, from viewership, followings, subscribers, to even what not to do when trying to grow your Twitch channel. 

The Stepping Stones Of How To Grow On Twitch

The first thing any aspiring Twitch streamer needs to do is to set up their channel properly, no one will follow a messy channel with an unclear schedule. Having the right gaming and streaming equipment is also crucial, you want to take the time and make sure all your channel settings are defined properly – latency and ad settings can have a large effect on your community building. So let’s go over some of the basic things you’ll need to define.

Your Twitch profile 

Setting up your Twitch profile is probably the first thing you’ll need to define. Go to Twitch settings to get started.

  • Logo –  make sure your logo is easy to view and understand even on mobile. Good logos are the ones that “pop” right away. 
  • Banner/Cover image – Make sure your banner correlates to your profile image, you can show elements like your schedule or social pages. 
  • Biography – keep it short and to the point. Think about what defines you as a streamer and at the same time what separates you from everyone else. 
  • Twitch panels – These panels which can be found at the bottom of your channel are images that show important info about you. Their design should again work well with your profile image and cover image.
  • Offline image – No one likes to see a black screen so when you’re not streaming or hosting anyone on your channel show an offline image and let your community know when you’ll stream again. 

Twitch Title and Stream Information 

Your Title needs to be one sentence that is original and intrigues viewers enough to click on your channel. This is the most crucial thing to do, to set up your channel, you need to go to the channel settings on your account and configure what you want your viewers to see.

Designing The Channel And Your Stream 

Once you’ve created your Twitch channel, you’ll get access to a wide range of layout designs for your stream. However, if you want your stream to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to up the uniqueness and capture the eyes of potential viewers with the first glance at your stream preview.

That’s achievable by going the extra mile with designs, and commissioning someone else to design your layouts for you or even graphically or photoshopping a superior design yourself for your Twitch channel. Things like logos, icons, emotes, layouts, and more will draw more attention. Especially when its characterized uniquely and represents what your Twitch channel is focused and centered around. 

Equipment Essentials For The Channel And Your Stream

After you’ve established your Twitch channels aesthetic, technical equipment is next. Potential viewers are more intrigued and drawn into streamers that have the proper equipment. That means a good camera, microphone, and other technical necessities depending on the direction of your Twitch channel.

The main priority for every streamer is a good camera and microphone. Once you have acquired those essentials, you can focus on other things like headphones, earphones, a better mouse or keyboard, or for the long run, a better desktop or laptop platform for you to stream on.

Planning And Scheduling Your Streams

When you have finished setting up your Twitch channel, planning your broadcasting days, and scheduling your events on those days is the next step. Planning and scheduling your streams not only gives viewers an idea of what to expect but helps viewers schedule their lives around your stream. That by itself is an excellent opportunity for Twitch growth, considering that people would go out of their way to plan as well to watch your streaming content. 

Planning what to do, and scheduling when to do it is a difficult task but to guide you along the way, here are some advice tips to take into consideration:

  • What’s your categorical aim, adjust your streams to the mass market that you have set your eyes on to. For example, gaming streamers usually broadcast mostly around the weekends because everyone is off work or school during that time, so for whatever your categorical aim is, there is a targeted audience around it.
  • What’s your regional aim, scheduling the time your stream drastically affects your viewership, so by setting your broadcasting schedules to your regular time, you are most likely to receive viewers in your region. By setting it to an uncertain time for your region, you are most likely to receive viewers from other areas in the world. It’s important to set your time to your targeted demographic
  • What’s your stream aim, streaming constantly, and consistently is the fastest way to grow as a Twitch streamer, but that comes at the cost of fatigue and low-end performance. To provide your stream with the highest entertainment performances, 2-4 days a week is highly advised for streaming to give yourself time to recover from 4-8 hours of streaming.

The Three Steps On How To Grow Your Twitch Channel, Gain Viewers, Grow Twitch Followers And Get Subscribers

Once you’ve finished establishing a unique, healthy, and intriguing Twitch channel, the next question going through your mind is, “how to grow Twitch channel, and how do I get from having viewers to having followers and furthermore?” Well, to put it merely getting from point A to B is a complicated process, but these various steps will guide you through it, efficiently and rapidly.

How To Get More Viewers On Twitch

Streaming daily on Twitch is one way of how to get more viewers on Twitch, but it comes at the cost of physical and mental fatigue, so how can you stream and still gain an upscaling viewership during your broadcast?

Put your feet in the shoes of your viewers and think about what you would want to see if you were looking for content on Twitch, remember, you are trying to market your content and bring in people, think of your viewers like customers. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get more viewers on Twitch:

  • Set-up, your category, and tags for your stream think of categories and tags as a label for your stream, when people search up a particular label like MOBA, FPS, IRL, etc., they will be directed to streamers that have that label in their broadcast. So setting up your category and tags should be the first thing you do when you start your Twitch stream.
  • Impactful streaming titles have also proven to be a successful eye-opener by making your title pop and read-aloud; you draw the eyes of viewers to your channel preview as soon as the window opens. This action means by following the format of searching up the highest searched keyword and using that in your title followed up by what you’re doing and any extra information, and you pose as a more clickable streamer for viewers.
  • Colors are the most mysterious yet powerful assets to any stream preview. Colors are the biggest kept secret in the marketing industry; at first glance, people cannot resist an intriguingly color-popping preview. Colors like an intense red, oceanic blue, vibrant green, royal purple, and contrasting colors like gold, black, and brown all are scientifically proven to increase sales, which will help increase your channel awareness for potential viewers. You can design your channel layout towards a particular color or even wear an outfit or have a background of these proven popular colors.

How To Get More Followers On Twitch

The next step of it all is figuring out how to get more followers on Twitch, but most importantly, how to get followers efficiently and quickly. Although it may seem easy if done overtime when streaming consistently and frequently. Your objective should be gaining followers in the least amount of time.

Gaining a mass following starts back at the viewership essentials, creating a friendly and entertaining atmosphere while being unique and yourself is paramount. However, you need to do a lot more than just smile at a camera for 6 hours straight, here are a few things you should do if you want to gain followers:

  • Interact with your chat in your stream, ask questions, and answer questions, talk to them the same way you would talk to anybody else, break that boundary.
  • Involve your audience into what you’re doing during your stream. By involving your audience in activities, quizzes, games, and any other interactive virtual person-to-person actions, it boosts your morality and likeness, which further increases your chances of following.
  • Watch other streamers and make friends, it’s the fundamental trick in the book, by making other streamer friends not only do you grow as a likable person in their stream but you become in the Twitch community too.

How To Get More Subscribers On Twitch

The final mystery of your Twitch journey is how to get more subscribers on Twitch or if you’re starting then how to get a subscriber. The reason for its difficulty lies in the notion that subscriptions are paid followings, but these simple activities will help enhance the chance of receiving Twitch subscriptions:

  • Introducing exclusivity is a subscription gold mine, by letting your audience know that there are rewards for subscribing to you like signings, merchandise, co-streams, game joining programs, you make subscribing more beneficial.
  • Competition is another subscription gold mine, differentiating itself from accessible exclusivity is that it’s a set competition between other subscribers. Tipping the balance into your favors, a massive reward at the end of the branch has to be hanging. The reward can be anything from paid products, a gift card, or a game wallet card. This tactic brings in mass subscriptions because of the potential benefit from subscribing, and this profits you despite your paid bonus on the other scale.

The Best And Fastest Ways In Growing Twitch Channels

The best and fastest ways to grow Twitch channels are not that complicated; they are quite simple and easy to do, but they don’t require much effort and aren’t overly time-consuming.

The list goes on, but these three examples are at the top of the list and will help you on how to grow Twitch stream.

Social Media Self-Promotion

The easiest thing to do is to self promote. And ultimately, it is the easiest method on how to grow on Twitch. Creating social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more are a must when streaming. Not only do you get to promote yourself and your stream when it’s broadcasting. But you also get the opportunity to let people know when you’re going live. 

Self-promotion is the key to spreading the news about your Twitch channel and making friends that also stream. The next level to self-promotion is paid advertisements. By paying the social media platform an amount of money to spread, advertise, and promote your channel. Not only do you let people know who you are, but you speed up the process. 

Raiding And Co-Streaming

Raiding and co-streaming are one of the fastest ways to gain viewership and more in Twitch. It’s harmless, effortless, and hardly time-consuming at all, which proves that it’s one of the best ways on how to grow your Twitch channel.

Raiding is the process of passing your viewership onto another streamer and essentially helping out another streamer. To raid someone, you must warn your viewership that you will be raiding and ending the stream, next you have to give your viewership a type of code word to surprise the raided streamer when it happens, and when you have chosen a worthy streamer, directly type /raid. Raiding creates social awareness and in the process, makes you a worthy recipient for beneficial raids, follows, and possible subscriptions and donations.

Co-streaming is the process of streaming with another streamer, primarily appearing in each other’s stream while you stream together, which creates another potential fan following surrounding the co-stream. By doing a co-stream with another streamer, you create a connection with their viewership, which in return will aid you with more followings and potential subscriptions.

Uploading Streaming Clips And Videos

Stream clips and videos are the next things when it comes to previews, providing the full stream when you’re offline and the clips for anyone looking to see what your content is all about. By labeling and saving your Twitch streams on your channel means that people that have missed your stream have the chance to watch it even after you have stopped that particular stream. And by clipping and creating the highlights of that stream and uploading it. 

You create a convenient and comfortable way for people to watch the exciting parts of your stream, whether it may be funny or a total fail. You can upload the streaming content on your Twitch channel, or if you want to boost your growth, you can create a YouTube channel and post it there too, which you can also self promote about in your social media promotions. 

How To NOT Grow Your Twitch Channel 

Now that we have gone over what you should do in terms of growing your Twitch channel, you need to know what NOT to do when trying to grow your Twitch channel. Although you have a complete understanding of how to efficiently, comfortably, and quickly grow your Twitch channel, there are some temptations in which you should NEVER follow.

Viewer Generating Bots

Viewer generating bots or viewer bots are a type of bot that sends fake accounts to watch your stream. Still, no matter how tempting it may be, they are highly avoidable because if once detected, you may automatically be banned for an amount of time or permanently.

Buying Fake Followers

Another growth process to avoid is buying fake followers or paying a follower subscription to receive fake accounts. This method is comprised of bots that are directed to follow your stream and raise your follow count, like before, if detected, it may lead to a ban for some time or permanently.

Begging For Subscriptions

Although it isn’t bannable, it’s highly shunned upon and is immoral when it comes to Twitch community standards. Frequently and consistently asking your viewership to subscribe not only drives away your viewership, but it also sets your channels atmosphere to desperate, and most people don’t like desperate.

Not only can these methods of gaining viewers, followers, or subscriptions ruin your channel and your marketing, it can also turn away potential sponsors and streamers that want to connect or collaborate. These methods should be avoided at all costs if you’re going to grow and stay on Twitch.

The Next Step Of Growing Your Twitch Channel

Twitch is comprised of thousands of thousands of streamers. Still, these steps, tips, and tricks will help you skyrocket through the Twitch ladder and help you grow your Twitch channel to the highest level possible and answer your question of how to grow on Twitch.

Now that you’ve read the walkthrough on how to grow your twitch channel. The next step in becoming a big-time Twitch streamer is how to make money on Twitch, and the key to that is in how to become a Twitch affiliate or a Twitch partner

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