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How to grow your Twitch channel with the help of social media

Social media is one of the most important tools a streamer has to growth their stream and network with others.

Being a successful streamer isn’t as easy as just buying some streaming gear and then starting to stream, It’s much more complex than that. In order to truly succeed and gain more viewers, build an active and engaged community, or even potentially get enough “influence” that companies will come to you and offer you promotional deals – those require you to grow your social presence and build up awareness of your channel and yourself as a streamer. 

So how do you do that, you ask? Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Discord and others is the way to do so! Not only will it give you a place to let everyone know when you go live (and thus increasing the chances of getting more viewers) – it will let you communicate with your fans, build up your network of fellow content creators and boost your identity & brand as a content creator.

With all that out of the way, here’s a rundown of the social media platforms you should be on and how to set them up so they look professional: 


One of the most important platforms that you should be using and one of the strongest tools to get yourself known and visible to the worldwide public – is Twitter. As one of the biggest platforms currently in the world – with over 100 million daily users! – you cannot afford not to be active on it. 

So what should you put in your twitter profile? While there is no objective format, there are things that absolutely must be on your profile. First things first, you’ll need a Twitter username and account name that will identify you to your fans. The best thing is it to be as close as possible to the username you are known as on your respective streaming platform. Depending on your comfort level, you can either put your stream logo as your profile photo (as LIRIK does) or a photo of yourself. The recommended image size for your profile pic is 400×400 pixels.

Next up is your header image. This is where you should put a banner that advertises your different social media accounts as well as includes an image that promotes your brand and the way you want people to see you. The recommended size for a Twitter header image is 1500×500 pixels. 

And last but certainly not least, the Bio section is incredibly important as this will let anyone who views your profile know who you are, what you do and where they can find you. You can list your streaming channel in the “website” section, so that people can always find out where you stream. While you only have 160 characters to write, placing links to your other social accounts is good to increase awareness as well as writing your business email so that companies that might want you to promote them can contact you easily.  

Here’s a great example of a well constructed Twitter bio from Pokimane:


Another important platform for your success is YouTube. And if you use it as your streaming platform it’s even more important for you to have a polished YouTube page. One of the biggest ways for you to gain more viewers organically – as well as promote yourself online – is through uploading videos and clips of your most interesting, funny, awesome and cool moments during your streams and gameplays. This gives viewers who have never heard of you before a chance to get to know you at their own pace and comfort and if they like you enough – they might even be back for more! And lastly – it’s an additional source of income! 

So what do you need to make your YouTube page look the best? well, first of all make an account and then convert it to a channel via your settings. As before, upload a picture to serve as your profile picture – it’s your signature image on YouTube. We recommend a square or round picture that’s 800 x 800 pixels. Use a PNG, GIF (no animations), BMP, or JPEG file (4MB or less).

Then you need to write up a description of the channel. Let viewers know what or whom your videos are about. Your description can show up in search results and other places so it’s really important to write a good description. In addition, add links to your other social media accounts so people who view your videos can find you if they want to see more. When this is done, add in a contact email for business inquiries so that you can be contacted by companies who might want you to promote their products. 

Once you have those down, the next step is getting some channel art for the channel. This is a great way to improve your branding as well as giving you more space to advertise yourself and your channel. Finally, start uploading videos! Once you have a lot of videos, you might consider organizing your channel via playlists as well as creating sections on your channel so your viewers can find their favorite content easily – consider adding sections like “Popular Uploads”, playlists that you think people would enjoy or that you think would give first time viewers a good first impression of you. Finally, if you are a streamer – a “Live Now” section and a “Past Live Streams” section are super important for you to have in order to boost your chances for more viewers as well as making it easier for people to view your past livestreams if they so choose. 

There’s no one who does it better than Ninja, so here’s how to do it best: 


Although lesser used by streamers then YouTube, Facebook is also a great way to raise awareness of your channel. Because of its enormous user base (over 1.6 billion daily users!!!) creating a page for your channel is incredibly important and has the potential to really give you a major boost in your viewer count and exposure. Nearly everyone in the world has a Facebook account and uses it at least once a day, so having your page show up in their feeds as well as being able to send notifications to your fans who follow you there is a perfect way to get viewers. 

As always the first step is creating a new ‘Brand’ page. Choose the Gaming Video Creator category so that your viewers will know what type of page this is. Upload a profile picture for your page and a cover photo –  logos make great profile photos because they help people identify your Page easily and pages with cover photos tend to get more likes and visits. We recommend your cover photo to be 820×360 and your profile picture to be 360×360. Add a page description telling viewers about yourself and your content – this is important as it will appear in search results when people look for your Page online.

If you’re looking for a great example, DisguisedToast is a great streamer and has a well structured page: 


Besides raising awareness of your brand and your content, one of the best ways to build a lasting community is by sharing fun and cool moments from your life to your viewers. Just like people love to follow their favorite celebrities and want to feel a part of their lives – your own fans will want to do the same, and Instagram is one of the perfect ways to do so. 

As usual, you’ll want to add a good profile picture – either of yourself or your streamer logo to let people know that this is your account. We recommend the image to be 180×180 so you have a high quality picture both on mobile and on the web browsers. Your description should have a short paragraph letting people know who you are and where to find you, in order to maximize your visibility and increase your social media presence – but you only have 150 characters to use, so make every single one count! 

Another cool trick is to use create a series of stories that link to all the different links that you want your viewers to check out and pin them to your profile so that they will always be visible to everyone. Not only does this make your profile stand out, but it also makes it easier for your fans to find you on all the different platforms. 

DrLupo is one of the top streamers in the world currently and his page is a great example of how to do it right: 


Now that you’ve created all your social media accounts, they look great, your fans are loving them, your stream has started to get some recurring viewers and you are starting to feel like you’re getting somewhere – this is the perfect time to setup a Discord server! One of the biggest challenges any streamer has is maintaining interest and attention when they are not streaming – and Discord is a perfect way to let you still maintain contact with your fans and build a community that will support you for a long long time.

Discord not only allows you to create a social hub for all your fans when you are offline, but it also lets your fans bond together on their own and form friendships that will further grow your community. Additionally, it has tons of different ways to let your fans know when you are streaming, when you released a new video or just anything else you would like to do! All you need is to find the right bots and they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you! 

A couple of good suggestions for channels are #rules, #announcements, #general, #memes and some voice channels. If you’d like to really make it professional, there’s a lot of work to do so we highly suggest you check out xQc’s discord and see how he designed it: 

Snapchat / TikTok 

Last but not least, Snapchat and TikTok are here as they could be very important for your success depending on your viewers demographics. If your community is built from teens and young adults, then these two platforms are incredibly important for you your success – from the 190 million daily users on these platforms – roughly 90% of them are 13-24 year old. Which means that if these demographics match your viewers, you cannot afford to miss out. 

Streaming Integration

So now that you have everything setup – there’s one last thing to do! Don’t forget to get yourself some awesome panels and place them on your channel so that your fans who are watching you or new fans who just joined the stream can find out where you hang out and where they can join in and follow you! 

Here’s a great example from Twitch Streamer summit1g:


Success as a streamer is not just tied to your personality, content or even just plain good old fashioned luck – it’s also tied to your ability to get noticed among the hundreds of thousands of content creators who are striving to succeed just as hard as you are. Which is why having a strong social media presence is crucial for your success. 

Getting new viewers can be a daunting experience as any streamer can tell you, which is why it’s so important to give newcomers a chance to see your content in a controlled and curated way – and YouTube is the perfect place for that! So get cracking on those videos and upload fun and awesome content from your streams on a weekly basis in order to boost your viewer ratings. 

Interacting with your fans and letting them be a part of your life is critical in order to build a strong and loyal community, and the best places to do that are Discord and Instagram. Whether it’s just hanging out with them off-stream or sharing funny and awesome moments from your life – it’s a surefire way to get them more invested in you and your channel. 
And of course notifying your fans and sharing the most important things about yourself is super important to keep their attention on you – and Twitter and Facebook are incredibly good at that. Whether it’s notifying everyone who follows you on Facebook that you are live or just sharing to the world on Twitter – there’s no doubt that you won’t regret your time there!

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